Sunday, August 5, 2012

Prince of the Pack

For about a month now I have been aware of Augie realizing that there are animals in the house. He seems to think some of the things the pup's do are funny, and the kitty simply amazes him. I have recently, because of his sudden interest, begun to start introducing him more and more to the animals. I regularly try and get Gremlin to sit still when he lays near her, but she usually just scampers off right when she notices him. I don't know what her problem is, but she better watch out when he starts to walk because he seriously wants him some Grem-kitty. Today I finally just gave up and plopped him right on top of her. Take that, you arrogant little feline!

This pose only lasted long enough for me to snap a quick pic, but he was quite gratified that he got to touch her.

I have also tried to give him some very supervised moments with the dogs. Even with my constant interceptions, he usually ends up with a few scrapes on his legs. You see, my dogs are of the UBER hyper variety. I would like to say that it is because they just have to get used to him, and they might calm down, but I myself regularly get little puppy nail scrapes from playing with them. I think a few years of aging will have to be the solution. I just hope they calm down a little more by the time he can walk, so he isn't constantly being pushed down. Today's encounter ended when he got whipped in the eye with a Mosby tail and started screaming. I think he forgives them now, and we shall try again another day. I love my pups, but I do have to give my sister-in-law Erin mad props for being smart enough to adopt an older dog, since she has a small child. Good idea. I will be happy when he gets old enough to "hold his own" though, because I have a feeling they will be good at wearing each other out in the back yard. We shall see!


Anonymous said...

My fav Aug outfit!!

Jenny Womack said...

I assume that means this is Tammy-- Leave a name if you comment anonymously! : P