Monday, August 27, 2012

Pooped Out from Visitors

You pretty much got a little grumpy by the time Moo and Baba were leaving today. Right after they walked out the door from their visit, you ate, took your binky, and passed out like it was all you ever wanted to do. Moo plays hard with you! At 5am this morning when you wouldn't go back to sleep she came in and got you. Mama got to sleep in for once, and when I finally woke up I found Moo in her bed, you in your crib, and new clothes on you! She said you had pooped everywhere and she had to use dish towels to clean you up and put the wrong diaper on you, because she didn't know where to find a clean one in the dark! Oh well, you survived : )
P.S. You are a 4.5 month old wearing a 12-18 month old outfit in this picture. Yeah. You are a beast!

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