Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Channeling Lauren Bacall

Today we met your papa for lunch at the Londoner Pub. It is our favorite place to rendezvous for lunch on special, fun little days like today. It is worth telling that the waitress complimented me that I had such a well behaved little man, as you sat sweetly on my lap the whole time we ate and talked. I tried to keep a completely straight face as I looked at her and replied, "It is because we beat him frequently". I don't think she believed me but she looked horrified none the less. Mama tries to be funny...sometimes people don't get her. 

Since I have really been channeling Lauren Bacall as of late, I decided to dress a little like her (as much as I could, using the clothes and makeup I already had) and even put you in a rather dapper getup. Papa took our picture, and I think we are quite the pair. I love you, Sweetest Bear.


After lunch papa had to go back to work, but we stayed and looked at the ducks down at the creek. They seemed to be very friendly, and unafraid of us. You were very interested in these new little feather people, so I promised you we would come back soon with bread. 

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