Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank God for Carol Bunker.

     So, I was just doing a little light reading on birthin' babies (I am a birth-geek) and read into asynclitic birthing.


     Augie was asynclitic. It is when a baby's head is tilted to one side so it is not in line with the birth canal and therefore the cervix dilates in an uneven fashion. APPARENTLY common procedure for a lot of OB's it to tell the mama that they need to be cut open at this time, because the baby isn't going to come out properly/safely/etc. WHAT?! Carol (my midwife for the birth of Augustine) didn't even look at me sideways when she realized he was asynclitic. She just told me different positions to push in (squatting, one leg up, etc) and held back that stubborn cervical lip, and miraculously I had me a happy little HEALTHY baby. Seriously, obstetric community? You are telling women they need to be sliced wide open for something that, I can attest, is not that big-a-deal? Quit riding your scalpels to $$$-ville and learn how to birth babies! If you are "uncomfortable" with something that isn't ideal, GET comfortable. Not every child will come out the way that you leaned (in a textbook!) is the "correct" way. Are c-sections a WONDERFUL thing for a mother or baby who is in REAL danger? Absolutely. Are 33% (the average c-section rate) of women in danger? No. Well, they weren't until they stepped into your office.

     I am just very thankful that Carol trusted herself, and birth enough to let my body work it out. Thank you Carol! I will bring you guys cookies soon. ; )

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Carol said...

You have a way with words Jenny! I laughed out loud reading your post. What a wonderful birth with a mama who was willing to do whatever it took to get little Augie out!!!