Friday, August 3, 2012

No-Poo? No, Thank You.

It turns out (as it does, quite frequently when one does an experiment) that my hypothesis was incorrect.

Okay, that isn't really true. What's true is, I was unwilling to stick around long enough to find out. It is HARD to go for that long without using conventional shampoo! Yeah, yeah- maybe if I would have stuck it out the six weeks they claim it takes to regulate hair oils I would end up with AMAZING, low maintenance hair. Guess what I found out? I love adore simply cannot live without my 5 minutes of luxury each day. Luxury? Washing your hair is a luxury? Yes. I take care of a baby boy all day. This means that I generally spend about 80% of my time in pajamas, I rarely go get anything done (hair, nails, etc), and I can usually be found with a tiny mans body fluids somewhere on my attire. The 5 minutes each morning I spend giving myself cancer and wasting my husbands money on $7 a bottle magic are WORTH IT. 

There. I said it. Now the hippie-dippie's and natural mama's can kick me out of the club if they want. I am keeping my shampoo.

A special thanks to John Freida "Root Awakening" shampoo and conditioner WITH Eucalyptus for never forsaking me, even when I turned my back on you for vinegar and baking-soda. They are trollops and I shall not stray again, my beloved(s). 

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