Monday, August 20, 2012

Joy vs Fun

I was watching the news this morning (does the Kathy Lee and Hoda Show count as news?), and they mentioned something about this guy who said he was done with "fun". "Fun" being the sought-after feeling one gets while at a festival or a concert or a vacation. This man (maybe he wrote a book or something? I was only half listening, since I mainly only watch TV while nursing my IshySquishyBooBooBear to sleep) was making the point that fun is nothing in the light of JOY, which is something one can have in the mundane, daily goings on of life.

This really stuck with me...

Cut to several hours later and a couple of grocery store trips where I got to nibble on Little Bear's toes up and down the aisles and think about my Sweet Love coming home from work. Guess what? I have joy! Maybe not 24/7...everyone has a down moment, but I truly am joyful just to live my life. And guess what else?? So does my mama, my daddy, my sisters, my Syler, my Dennis, my siblings-in-law, and my close friends. I know this because they all get excited just to see each other, give hugs, and revel in our cumulative love. It might sound strange, but it just made my so happy to think about. Really, it multiplied my joy to think of how blessed most of the people I know are.

I have laundry piles, stinky diaper smell in my closet, lists of things that keep getting put off, a hurty toe, and of course there are always bills and such. Nevertheless, I manage to open my eyes each morning, look over at a smiling baby bear and a snoring grizzly, and I have incredible joy.


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