Friday, August 3, 2012

Four Months Ago...

**Note- Augie stats and pictures will be posted after his checkup, Monday.

Four months ago today, my life changed. Four months ago today I was still just a girl who thought she knew about responsibility, thought she knew how lucky she was to have such a good husband, and thought she knew what unconditional love meant. Then, everything changed. She realized that sleeping at night was really just a luxury, not a necessity. She found out the hard way, just how tough she could be. She realized there were things in this life that were more important than her, how she felt, or what she wanted. Most importantly and amazingly of all, she realized that the "good man" she married was even more than that. He was the most incredible rock and pillar she could have ever hoped to find...

My husband is an amazing daddy.

He holds my hand while I grip him with all my might, my nails probably in his skin (I was being stitched up, and the anesthetic was not working too well), all the while not flinching, and just adoring our new baby.

My hero!

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