Friday, August 10, 2012

Dr. Weil Pacifier

After Augie had his scary choking incident with his Nuk binkie, we needed to find a solution ASAP! I was recommended several types, and finally found one that works. The three criteria were: 1. Big enough, yet flexible enough that Aug can't get it "stuck" in his mouth. 2. All made from one piece, because in my searches I found out that sometimes the pieces can fall apart and become a serious choking hazard. 3. The shield needs to have curvature and the nipple needs to be indented (not completely round) in order for him to keep it in his mouth.


I actually found these while browsing through Whole Foods, but you can get them several other places, including online. Apparently this doctor makes a lot of baby products, but I had never heard of him. Really, I just like them because I don't want Augie to go another round with the scary-fire. (That's a play on the words scary and pacifier...not sure how well that joke worked.)

In other news, Augie has been going teething nuts lately and has taking a strong liking to his Sophie. I think we might have to get several of these, because God forbid we lose it!

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